•  Spring Break Activities


    These are active, physical activities that you can do throughout the day, throughout the week, and for the rest of the school year. You can do them by yourself and with your family members. Add lively music to keep things fun!

    5 Minute Brain Boosters 

    5 Minute P.E. Activities




    Print out the exercise cards. You'll notice that there are 2 of every exercise card. Cut out the cards. Mix them up, and place them in rows on the floor, bed, or table. Player #1 will turn over 1 card (leaving it face-up), then another card (also leaving it face-up). If the cards are the same, then a match has been made. Player #1 will then pick up both of those cards, and keep them in a pile next to themself. Player #1 will then do 10 repititions of the exercise on the matching cards (10 seconds if it's a yoga pose). The whole group of players can do the exercise(s) along with Player #1. Since Player #1 got a match, she/he gets another turn.

    Player #1 will continue until a match is NOT found. When a match is not found, those cards are turned back over and left in place. Now it's Player #2's turn. The game continues until are the matches are found.

    Option: Make your own exercise cards, and add them to the game. This will make finding a match more challenging. Plus you get to add your own exercise ideas to the game!

    Exercise Memory Game 




    Print out all of these nutrition materials first. You'll need them for the rest of the school year.

    Activity #1: Cut out the Food Illustrations (pictures). Put them in a pile on the floor or on a table. Pull 1 food picture out of the pile at a time. Put the food picture in the correct food group column on the My Food Guide Servings Tracker. (You don't have to paste them, that way you can mix them up and sort them over and over again.) Take turns pulling food cards out of the pile depending on the number of people who are participating. Once everyone participating has a good grasp on what foods go where on the Tracker, then you can proceed to Activity #2. 

    Activity #2: Turn the above activity into a relay. Put the pile of Food Illustrations (pictures) on one side of the room. Put the My Food Guide Servings Tracker on the other side of the room.  On "ready, go", 1 person moves across the room to the pile, picks up 1 food picture, travels back, and puts the food picture into the correct food group column on the Tracker. When 1 person comes back, another person can go. Continue until the pile is empty. Then check the Tracker as a group. If some foods end up in the wrong food group, move them into the correct one. When the Tracker is correct, play again or leave the tracker on a table to be reviewed throughout the day.

    Activity #3: Make your own food pictures, cut them out, and add them to the food pile. This will make the game last longer, plus you get to draw pirtures or write the words of your favorite foods (or maybe foods you don't like)!

    Activity #4: For the rest of the school year, talk with your family about what food groups you're eating. For example, if you have cereal with a banana for breakfast, tell a family member what food groups you ate. "The cereal is from from the grains group, the milk is from the dairy group, and the banana is from the fruits group." Then think about what other food groups you need to eat that day in order to have a well balanced diet of food. Talk about and measure portion sizes as well.

    Knowing the food groups and understanding portion sizes will help you with our future nutrition activities, and will help you in eating healthy for the rest of your life!

    MyPlate/My Daily Food Plan

    My Food Guide Servings Tracker