• Here's some great websites that have
    awesome ways for you to do P.E. at home:
    Look for the Home Resources Section
    Look for Active @ Home
    Look for OPEN, Online Physcial Education Network
    Look for the Home Resources section
    Look for Free Online Educational Resources
    (I'm not going to post the link to make sure that students do not go to the site without parent supervision.)
    Cha Cha Slide (lots of versions)
    Christopher Zondaflex Hip Hop
    Fortnite Dance Tutorials
    Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel-Easter Bunny Dance and Freeze
    Kids Dance by Kat
    The Learning Station: Kids Songs and Dances
    The Sid Shuffle-Ice Age: Continental Drift
    Cosmic Kids Yoga
    Yoga for Kids
    Yoga for Kids with Alissa Kepas
    Moovlee Monkey Yoga
    P.E. CLASS
    It Takes a Villa with Mr. Jimenez (The P.E. teacher at Cordova Villa!)
    Abby Presents: Fitness Songs
    Avengers Tabata Workout
    Little Sports Exercise
    P.E. with Joe
    Superhero Conditioning
    Tae Bo for Kids with Billy Blanks
    Tons of Fun with The Workout Kid
    Other P.E. Teachers' Websites
    If you have found a neat, vigorous, and fun exercise site,
    please share it with me so I can share it with FHE!