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  • Laptop with Zoom meeting on screen Remember: "You got this!" In our class we have an affirmation mirror. Whenever we need some encouragement or have a positive message to share, we can visit the mirror to read the messages of others or post our "I am" statement. We are keeping the mirror messages going virtually now and want to make sure everyone knows that they are loved ♡  ~Mrs. Johnson/Teacher: Blanche Sprentz Elementary

    Mrs. Pawlek, Ms. Fontaine and Ms. Patty (as well as district staff helping), thank you to all of you for standing outside even in poor weather conditions to make sure our students are fed. You do it with big smiles on your face. Getting the meals seems to be the highlight of our day. Thank you FCUSD, for taking your time to devise a plan that will help ease the street and certainty the children are being faced with. We miss out Meadows kids ♥️  ~Parent & Staff member: Cordova Meadows Elementary

    Hello to all my Cordova high students, I miss visiting with you in the Library everyday and hope you are staying safe and well! While we are having to stay in our homes I thought I would share with everyone that beginning April 30th you can get free Audiobooks all summer long at www.audiobooksync.com. I have also attached a flyer created by our District Librarian, Mrs. Turkie that has a list of other sites for free online books to read. Hope to see you all again very soon! ~Mrs. Simms: Cordova High School

    We love 💕 you Miss Headrick  ~A.P/Student: Russell Ranch Elementary

    Thank you so much, Mr. Cadenhead, for that youtube video last Friday! Kyle and I watched it and it was inspiring and helpful - and inspired a few giggles. Thank you for everything you do for our kids, and thank you all for working so hard to get our kids back on track and in school. ~Stacey/Parent: Folsom High School

    You are all doing such a great job! I miss everyone and I'm so happy getting connected to you all again.  ~Ms. Leeper/Staff: Mitchell Middle School


  • Thanks to all FCUSD for your tireless efforts in enabling our children to continue their education through this national crisis! ~Parent

    Shout out to all my amazing students in Room 20 at Cordova Villa Elementary. You are all amazing and I am so proud of you all!!! Also to my daughter at Vista Del Lago! We are all in this together!  ~Ms. Jones/Teacher & Parent: Cordova Villa & Vista del Lago

    Our entire school staff at Sandra J. Gallardo has really come together as a team during this time! Thank you to our PBIS team and our dedicated PTA for posting spirited updates on the PTA Facebook page! We have seen so many cute photos of our students and their pets this week! Thank you to all of our parents for trusting this process and HUGE thank you to Mrs. Graham, our Principal, for leading us into this unknown territory with strength and grace! ~Ms. Cook/Teacher: Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary

    Thank you to Mrs Harlin, 2nd grade, MHE who is doing an amazing job keeping us updated and encouraged! ~Parent: Mather Heights Elementary

    I just wanted to say the coordination that has gone into distributing chrome books at Cordova High School has been amazing. A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Hyden and the staff at Cordova for the great work! ~Parent: Cordova High School

     Student holding thank you note