• Each year, the PTA works with all Folsom Hills teachers to approve purchases for items that will enhance learning in the classroom. We know that teachers work hard to provide an excellent learning environment for our children but they often don't get the funds from the district that they need. That's where the PTA comes in. We carefully use the PTA donated money (Fox Fund) to pay for items that teachers request for their classroom. We have specific requirements and use a formal process to work with the teachers. We offer a $300 yearly teacher grant for items that will increase love of learning and support the teachers already existing curriculum. For this 2024-25 school year, thanks to your generous Fox Fund donatinos, we were able to increase teacher grants to $400 with a $100 bonus midway through the year! 

    Items we have approved in the past include:

    -caterpillars for students to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly

    -robotics kits that have been used for several years and are an introduction to coding

    -art supplies - cotton balls, oil pastels, dry erase markers, clothespins

    Thanks for supporting our yearly Fox Fund so we can support our teachers like this!