• 7th Grade Supply List

      Students should have the following items in class every day:

      ~ Computer access

      ~ 8.5" X 11" writing paper 

      ~ Binder, folder, or other organizer for work and information

      ~ Several red, blue, green, or purple ball point ink pens (for correcting and editing / not black)

      ~ Pencils with erasers

      ~ Highlighters in at least two different colors (lighter colors work best)

      ~ Hand-held pencil sharpener with a lid to capture shavings

      ~ SMS agenda (to write homework and due dates) which will be provided by the school

      ~ Novel/book for sustained silent reading, S.S.R., or when class work is completed

      ~ Colored pencils 


      (If you are unable to obtain these supplies on your own, please see the office.)