• Cordova High School

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District

    World Languages Department

    Course Expectations


    Course Title:  Spanish 1

    Teacher name:  Mary Ryan, Katie Barrantes


    Course description: 

    Spanish 1 is an introductory course to the Spanish language and culture of today. Emphasis is on development of the four major language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition to these skills, students will explore the many facets of Spanish culture and heritage through the use of a text, video, audio, and workbook program.  


    Grading policy:

    Students in 9th and 10th grade will be assessed using MYP assessment and final grade policies.  

    We expect you to actively participate in your own learning by completing ALL of your assignments.  Not all of your work is graded. Some assignments give you the opportunity to practice your skills; others allow you to demonstrate your mastery of the subject specific standards.  Although your final grade is based on summative assessments, your performance on formative assessments will prepare you for the summative assessments and will also guide instruction in the classroom.


    Formative Assessments

    Formative assessments occur after small amounts of instruction while the students are making meaning of new concepts.  The feedback is nearly immediate and helps students integrate new information with previous knowledge. Formative assessments also help teachers adjust instruction to best meet the needs of our students.  Formative assessments are powerful tools that can help improve a student’s understanding.

    Summative Assessments

    Summative assessments occur at the end of a large chunk of instruction. The results may take a while to be returned to the students. The purpose of summative assessments is to help a teacher evaluate a student’s mastery of learning goals for the unit of study.  Summative assessments occur less frequently than formative assessments. Summative assessments will be given at the end of each 5-6 week unit of study.

    Examples of Formative assessments can be:

    Class work, warm-ups, interviews, homework, quick writes, quizzes, Socratic seminars, and exit tickets.

    Examples of Summative assessments can be:

    Chapter exams, embedded assessments, essays, unit exams, presentations, projects, and final exams.


    MYP assigns four criteria to be assessed within the Language Acquisition course.  Each criteria will be assessed two (2) times per semester. When more than one criterion is assessed in a task, there will be multiple grades (one grade for each criterion).


    Language Acquisition Criterion –

    -        A: Comprehending Spoken and Visual Text

    -        B: Comprehending Written and Visual Text

    -        C: Communicating in Response to Spoken, Written and Visual Text

    -        D: Using Language in Spoken and Written Form


    Please refer to the Cordova High MYP section of the website for additional details.




    Your citizenship grade will be based upon:

    -        Your participation

    -        your preparedness

    -        Your adherence to CHS’s Learner Profile.  


    Cordova Lancers strive to be:












    Classroom rules:

    (teacher specific)


    Discipline –

    Positive and productive behavior is expected from you.  If your choices in the classroom detract from your ability to learn, or interfere with the learning of others, we will take measures to help you alter your behavior.  These measures (progressive discipline) include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, communication with your parents/guardians, and behavior reflection in another classroom. 

    As a last resort, you might be suspended from the class or sent to administration with a referral.  Some behaviors may result in an immediate suspension if they are particularly dangerous or unacceptable.


    Attendance –

    You are expected to attend class regularly.  It is difficult to help you learn when you are not present.  Language Acquisition relies heavily upon class participation and interacting with your fellow language learners.

    You are expected to be in your seat and working when the bell rings. If you walk in as the bell rings or your materials are not ready, then you are late.  You will remain seated until dismissed (regardless of when the bell rings). 

    You are responsible for checking the course website for notes or missed assignments, and for arranging with the teacher to make-up work, in the event that you are absent.


    Late work –

    If you are absent from school, you will be given two (2) days for each day of an excused absence to make up any work without consequence, in accordance with the district’s policy.  Formative assignments may only be effective if they are completed in a timely manner. It is in your best interest to complete all assignments on time to ensure your progress in your language study and preparation for the summative unit assessments.

    Make-ups of summative assessments must be completed within two weeks of the end of the unit of study.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a time with the teacher to complete the make-up assignment. 


    Electronics policy –

    World Language classes are all performance and participation based, and electronic devices will seriously affect your progress and success in these classes.  Use of cell phones for educational purposes during class time is strictly at the teacher’s discretion within their classroom.


    • Cell phones, earbuds, headphones and any other electronic devices are not allowed in class, unless cleared by the teacher for educational purposes or a specific activity. 
    • All electronics and ear buds/headphones must be put away when you enter a World Language classroom.
    • There is no charging of cell phones allowed in class.
    • If visible, the teacher may confiscate the item and lock it in a secure place for the remainder of the period or the day.  It is your responsibility to collect the item from the teacher.

    **Please note**

    The classroom teacher is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged electronics


    Audio/Visual recordings policy –


    Two of the MYP criterion assess competence in the spoken language, so students may be asked to record their assessments, either as audio voice recordings, or video recordings.  These recordings are solely for the use of the assessment and evaluation. These recordings will not be played back for any audience and are strictly for use by the teachers of the CHS World Languages department to assess the students’ language skills. 


    Materials –

    A textbook may be checked out to you at the beginning of the year to take home for use.  In most cases, there will be a class set of textbooks in the classroom.

    A workbook may also be given to you at the beginning of the year by your teacher, for use at home for homework, or you may have access to a workbook in class for classwork.    


    Students are expected to have:

    -        A Spanish notebook or binder, depending on teacher


    Other recommended materials (depending on teacher):

    -        Pencil, pen (blue/black) and a red pen for corrections

    -        Highlighter

    -        Index cards for flashcards


    We recognize that many families wish to provide supplies for their own student or donate materials to the school and are welcome to do so at any time. The supplies listed are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family to fully participate in the school’s academic program. All required materials and supplies will be provided by schools to students at no cost.