• Sutter Middle School PTA

    Association Meeting

    Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    4:00 p.m., Room A-108

    I.    Call to Order

    II.   Introduction

    III.  Approval of August 2022 Minutes

    IV.  Principal’s Report

    V.   President’s Report

          A.    Membership Drive

          B.   Cash for Cougars Fundraiser Update

          C.   Open Positions: Serenade Under the Stars Chair, 8th Grade Celebration Chair

          D.   2022-2023 Proposed Calendar of Events (motion needed to adopt)

    VI.  Financial Reports (2021-2022)

          A.   Treasurer’s Reports: April, May, and June 2022 (motion needed to ratify checks)

          B.   2021-2022 Budget with End-of-Year Actuals

          C.   2021-2022 Annual Financial Report (motion needed to adopt)

          D.   Audit Report: January 2022-June 2022 (motion needed to adopt)                  

    VII.  Financial Reports (2022-2023) 

          A.   Treasurer’s Reports: July and August 2022 (motion needed to ratify checks)

          B.   2022-2023 Proposed Budget (motion needed to adopt)

          C.   Release of Funds (motion needed to release funds)

    VIII. Old Business

    IX.   New Business

          A. Upcoming Events:

               October 2022

               Membership Drive continues

               Cash for Cougars continues

               Friday, 10/7: Popcorn Friday

               Friday, 10/7: End of First Quarter

               Wednesday, 10/12: Executive Board Meeting

               Book Fair: TBD

               Restaurant Night: TBD

          B. Reflections 2022-2023

               1.   Theme: “Show your voice!”

               2.   Entry Date: TBD (mid- to late-November)

          C. Book Fairs and Use of Proceeds (need motion to approve use for library)

    X.    Adjournment – Next Association Meeting: January 11, 2023