• Powerschool Grade Codes

    The best way you can help your student stay on track this year is to check Powerschool regularly.  

    M = Missing (assignment counts as a 0/F until submitted, student is able to turn in the missing assignment as late work up to a week after due date or it will remain an M in the gradebook)

    Ex = Excused (not calculated in final grade)

    - = Grade has not yet been entered

    • PLEASE NOTE: Comments may occasionally be made on PowerSchool assignment grades to provide additional score information. This can be important information to understanding assignment info such as reminders of how long a student has to complete a missing assignment. To view these comments: 
      • Once you have clicked on the your student’s trimester grade for English, you should see a list of assignments and a column on the right-hand side of the page for scores. 
      • In that column, if the score is underlined and blue, you can click on it to view a comment. 
      • A window will pop up with the assignment information and comment.