• Ms. Reeve

    English 2, Period ____

     Notebook Table of Contents

    Use the following list to help you organize your notebook. The numbered items should be written EXACTLY as you see it here in your Table of Contents. The lettered items are descriptions to better help you remember what we did and what should be in that section of the notebook. Don’t forget to include a page number on your Table of Contents where these items can be found (Please note I will NOT have page numbers here in order to not confuse anyone). I will continue to update this list each week and repost it to my website. Due dates for notebook checks will be announced several days prior to turning in the notebook.


    Item #        Title

    1. Course Expectations
    2. Notebook Rules
    3. District Writing Rules (3 Point)
    4. SS: Blast: "When is it appropriate to Challenge the Rules?"
    5. Vocabulary 46-11
      1. Skip for now going on to Study Sync as you cannot go there.  Instead, create flashcards for the Academic Vocabulary AND the roots. Then write your five COMPLEX sentences by Friday.
    6. Intro to Animal Farm Notes
    7. Rhetorical Devices Handout
    8. Old Major's Speech
    9. TBEAR - Body Paragraph Notes
    10. AF - Ch 1-4 Study Guide Notes
      1. Incorporate the questions into your answers or use T-Notes to answer each question. The questions are found online under Sophomore Handouts and links. 
    11. Logical Fallacies Defined with notes behind.
    12. Rubric for Notebook Check #1 Items 1-11
    13. Finding Shakespeare: BBC
      1. In watching the documentary from Michael Woods, write down what you "Notice", then tell me what you "Imagine"  finally, before turning in your notes, tell me "What you would like to know more" about Shakespeare / Macbeth.
    14. Macbeth Notes Acts 1-3