• Binder /  Notebook Table of Contents

    Use the following list to help you organize yourBinder or notebook (you get to choose which one) . The numbered items should be written EXACTLY as you see it here in your Table of Contents. The lettered items are descriptions to better help you remember what we did and what should be in that section of the notebook. Don’t forget to include a page number on your Table of Contents where these items can be found (Please note I will NOT have page numbers here in order to not confuse anyone). I will continue to update this list each week and repost it to my website. Due dates for binder /notebook checks will be announced several days prior to turning in the notebook.

     There are three sections (or dividers) for this area:

    First Section: Units Table of Contents for Reading and Writing

    Item#    Title   

    1.  Course Expectations
    2. Steve Job's, "How to Live" Handout 
    3. True Colors Personality Test Results Handout
    4. The Epic and Epic Hero / Six elements of the Epic
    5. The Heroes Journey
    6. HTRLLAP: Ch 1,2 and 9 Assignment
    7. Beowulf Intro Notes
    8. Become an On-Line Sleuth
    9. My Forbidden Study Guide
    10. Forbidden Notes

    Second Section: Table of Contects for Vocabulary/Grammar/ Syntax

    Item#    Title 

    1. Vocab 61 / Beowulf

    Third Section: Table of Contents for Research and Projects

    Item#    Title 

    1.  GPS / SR Research Project Topic Selection 
    2. Design Thinking Defined