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    TK's Vision and Philosophy


    The term "a gift of time" is a phrase I frequently use to describe transitional kindergarten and it tells us something important about the power of a two-year Kindergarten program. Transitional kindergarten is designed specifically for the unique needs of our youngest students. Our successful TK program includes integrated, differentiated and culturally responsive instruction that connects the Preschool Learning foundations and Framework to the Common Core, and ELD standards. Our TK classrooms are busy with activities and conversations filled with the excitement of small groups composed of children building similar skills together while placing emphasis on sensory based learning experiences. I purposefully design the classroom to include accessible learning centers that cultivate curiosity and reflect the beauty, strength, and capacity of all children. As a TK teacher I also thoughtfully construct activities so that each child is challenged at the right level to build success, persist through difficulty with little frustration and get to the next level of skill. Examples of these activities may include creativity centers, fine and gross motor activities that allow students to use manipulatives such as wooden blocks, play dough, hole punching, art boxes, Legos, board games, painting, dramatic play areas, sand and water tables, and sensory bins which incorporate practice with necessary skills like letter/sound recognition, language development, concepts of print, and numbers.