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    Need official transcripts? Visit https://www.fcusd.org/Page/20967 for instructions


    Local Scholarship Highlights!!!!






    **New!** Folsom Youth Basketball Association (FYBA) "Shooting Stars" Scholarship (5) $2,000 Vista & FHS

    1. Graduating Seniors from Vista & FHS
    2.  Does not need to have played or refereed FYBA, but is preferable. 

    Application HERE  Submit application to president@folsomyouthbasketball.com Subject: Shooting Stars Scholarship- "Your name"- Vista del Lago HS. Deadline Extended May 31st.



    **New!** Lee. E Clark Memorial Scholarship (1) $500 & (1) $250 for a Vista Senior year

    1. Graduating Vista Senior
    2. Maintained 3.5 GPA during Jr & Senior
    3. Personal Bio
    4. “Volunteer resume”
    5. Essay

     Application Here Deadline April 11th to Mrs. Muñoz in the Career Center.


    **New!**Julie Fukui Memorial Scholarship $1,000 (2) for Vista Seniors (1 Female & 1 Male)

    Scholarship Requirements:

    1. Applicant must be a senior at Vista during the 2023-24 academic year.

    2. Applicant must have participated in athletics at Vista for a minimum of two years (one year at varsity level). Student sport trainers are eligible. 

    3. Minimum GPA is 3.0 (weighted, UC/CSU weighting). 

    Application Must Include:

    1. Completed Application
    2. Typed essay (Instructions provided on the application)
    3. "Resume"- include sections for Academics, Sports, positions held at School, work experience and community service
    4. Official HS Transcript
    5. Two letters of Recommendation (1) Faculty member /supervisor, (1) coach 

    Application Here with additional information included.

    Deadline April 20, 2024. Please email your complete application to Mrs. Muñoz pmunoz@fcusd.org as one document named: VdLHS-Julie Fukui- First Name Last Name.



    Folsom Rotary Annes Scholarship (2) $1,000 for Vista Seniors!

    Scholarship Requirement:

    1. Graduating Vista Senior, who will be attending a 2 year or 4 year college or Technical/Trade school in Fall 2024
    2. GPA between 3.0-3.75 
    3. Complete application
    4. Official Transcript
    5. 2 letters of recommendation
    6. Essay

    Cover letter Here. Application Deadline April 5th to Mrs. Muñoz in the Career Center.


    Folsom Police Foundation Scholarship (2) $2,500 for Vista Seniors!

    1. Must be a Folsom Resident
    2. Be accepted to a College or University
    3. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
    4. Deadline postmarked by April 15, 2024

    1. 1 page essay describing why you should be awarded the Folsom Police Foundation
    2. Two (2) letters of recommendation from a non-relative;
    3. An official Transcript from your current or most recent school;
    4. A completed and signed application.

    Application Here


    W.H. Nichols Scholarship $1,000 for one Vista Seniors!

    Scholarship requirements:

    1. Graduating Vista Senior
    2. Provide evidence of acceptance to a Junior college, College, University or Trade school
    3. Topic Essay 200-400 words
    4. Completed Application
    5. Deadline: Must be received in the mail or received in person by May 10, 2024

    Application- Here



    Folsom Athletic Association (FAA) Scholarships $1,000-$1,500 (Multiple Scholarships for Vista & FHS Seniors)

    Scholarship Requirements: 

    1.  Must be a graduating senior from Folsom High School or Vista del Lago High School. 

    2.  Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA for four years of high school. 

    3.  Must have been involved in sports and extracurricular activities, emphasizing service to others and the community. Qualifying sports: all high school level sports, cheer, private club (baseball, volleyball, basketball, swim, etc.), equestrian, martial arts, mountain biking, extreme sports, snow, ice skating, hunting, angling, or archery. 

    4. Must be planning to attend a two-year junior college, four-year university, military, law enforcement, fire academy, trade, or technical school.

    Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-oRuVYkysSBk92FsKaXsN6Q3nkEhSrpkrRWy2an86gx0Qvg/viewform

    Cover Letter:


    Applications are Due April 5th. Interviews April 17th.


    Ken Grossfeld Scholarship (FAA) $1,500 For a Vista or FHS Senior!

    Award: A $1,500 scholarship to one senior from Folsom High School or Vista del Lago High School.
    Scholarship Requirements:
    1. Must be a graduating senior from Folsom High School or Vista del Lago High School.
    2. Must be a Folsom resident.
    3. Must have a minimum 3.3 GPA for four years of high school.
    4. Must have been involved in Sports & extracurricular activities throughout their high school years.

    Application Procedure:
    1. Complete the application via Google Forms.
    2. Include an unofficial transcript.
    3. Applicants must submit a written essay with the application form with details of their
    extracurricular activities and commitments during high school.Please keep the essay length to 2 pages, with 12-font double-spaced, and cover the following:

    • Your academic and extracurricular accomplishments.

    • Any obstacles/barriers you experienced and how you overcame them.

    • How your accomplishments will help you achieve your future goals.

    Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKBIBEzNQ_S02JGjojiLPCYDCaZiB7ywQDHp7vS8twLQrdQQ/viewform

    The FAA & Ken Grossfeld Scholarship applications are Due April 5th. Interviews April 17th


    Natomas Lodge No.64 Celebration of Public Schools Scholarship $1,000 FCUSD senior


    1. US Citizen
    2. GPA 2.5 or higher
    3. Graduating Senior from FCUSD Highschool who will be attending a 2 year or 4 year college or Technical/Trade school in Fall 2024
    4. Brief statement
    5. Completed application
    6. Transcript
    7. 2 letters of recommendation

    Deadline- Must be postmarked by April 8,2024 (extended deadline!)

    Application- Here



    Folsom American Legion Post 362 Scholarship (3) $1,000


    1. Applicants must be the child or grandchild of someone who is a current member of American Legion Post 362, currently serving in the United States Armed Forces, or a military veteran.
    2. Applicant must present evidence of acceptance to a College, University or Trade school.
    3. Applicant must identify the parent or grandparent
    4. Applicant will write an essay of not more than 400 words, or less than 200 words entitled "What Veterans have contributed to this Country and Community". This essay must be typewritten and attached to this application.

    Applications in the Career Center. Deadline April 5, 2024. 


    Sacramento Suburbean Writers Club (1) $1,000

    Application and Eligibility details https://www.sactowriters.org/2024-scholarship/

    Deadline April 19,2024.



    Pansy Carrick (Soroptomist) Medical Scholaship- (1) $1,500


    1. Graduating Female Senior persuing education in the medical field
    2. Greater Sacrameto area resident
    3. Good academic standing
    4. Demonstrate Service and Leadership
    5. Financial need to obtain education in the medical feild

    Due April 15, 2024 (postmarked) or emailed. Cover letter and Application Here




    Sacramento Regional Community Foundation Website



    SCHOLARSHIPS.ORG Newsletter for April 2024



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