• Drawing and Painting 2

  • Drawing and Painting 2 is a class for anyone who is passionate about exploring and creating art. You don’t need to be able to draw perfectly; you do need to be willing to throw out your fears and throw yourself deeply into the exciting world of creativity. Unlike Drawing and Painting 1, this class will require homework, most of which will be drawing. In Drawing and Painting 1, we had fairly structured projects that taught specific skills. In Drawing and Painting 2 you will use those skills to create solutions to creative problems you will be given. So, if the assignment is to create a piece of art that will express your journey from childhood to high school, we might have one student working in pencil, another working in paint, and another creating an assemblage —it just depends on your vision. Because we will be depending on each other for support and feedback, you will be expected to participate fully in class critiques and discussions.


    More information and current assignments can be found on the Google Classroom.

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