• Suggested Materials-

    Child Development(6th Grade):

    ¨   Folder with brads and pockets(preferably)

    ¨  lab fee of $5.00 for cooking labs

    Sewing(7th Grade):

    ¨   A box or any type of container to hold sewing supplies 

    ¨  A spool of thread

    ¨  Scissors

    ¨  Package of needles

    ¨  Straight pins
    ..  Seam ripper and tracing wheel are optional
    ..     $8.00 for the purchase of pillow kit and stuffing
    Foods and Nutrition(8th Grade):
    ..Folder to hold work
    ..$10.00 to cover the cost of cooking labs
    These suggested supplies will be used in class on a regular basis. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.