Welcome to grade 8 P.E.

  • Folsom Middle Physical Education                                                                     Kendra Duncan


    Hi Grade 8 Students and Parents,

    My name is Kendra Duncan and will be your P.E. teacher this year.  I am looking forward to helping you 

    be healthy and active!  In grade 8 our focus will be team sports but we will have units where you will set 

    goals for your personal fitness.

    Being in 8th grade comes with responsibilities, 6/7th graders look up to you.  You are expected to know  how

    to act and be a good role model for the younger students.

    • All school rules apply - BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE RESPECTFUL 
    • Listen politely when the teacher is giving instructions 
    • Use positive language when addressing an adult or a peer (no cussing) 
    • Work together to fix a problem (Rock, paper scissors ect.) 

    Clothes - shirts tucked in shorts with name showing

                - appropriate laced up tennis shoes 

                - loners:  3 per trimester, the fourth results in a detention 

    Grading system 

    Participation        50%       10 points per day =  3 for warm-ups

    Fitness                25%                                     3 for run 

    Skill and Written  25%                                     4 for participation  


    You make the decision daily how you want the day to go.  You are expected to contribute positively to

    the class and put your best effort into the class activity.

    Absences/ Notes of Excusals

    Give notes at the beginning of class while at numbers.  All absences or notes will be made up.  Check the

    P.E. handouts for details.  Students might have worksheets to work on during non-participation days. 


    Square Dancing, Tumbling, Personal Fitness Plan, PD 101, Team Physical activities