Welcome to Room 210

  •  Awesome Students,


    It's going to be a GREAT 2nd Trimester in FMS' Exploratory Wheel. We are going to have so much fun -- exploring, investigating, playing, and... learning.


    If you have questions or need assistance, stop by before school or contact me at dolsen@fcusd.org.


    1/30 Info about downloading ROBOTC at home


    And if this helps, here are the specifics for what we use in class: ROBOTC 4.55 (9110) (F/W: 10.55) Build Date: Aug 25 2016


    1/28 Review of the Class Rules, Procedures, and Consequences

    Here's a link to our class rules: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wp380v0xBTBM4tyAYNt-ubzKv7ZnlKPz

    Here's a link to our class procedures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kuDKtUqilCIJKbeJ1XoKxn6RuQnEBno_

    Here's a link to the consequences: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OF094JXmECQmeRT8pdbkhnaZ8DS4JwG_


    12/12 Information about grading and late or missing work

    I do accept late work, but it is for a C-. Regarding late assignments, it is not uncommon for an assignment to be due on a Thursday and I won't put the grades in until the following week on... Tuesday or Wednesday. At that time, I will consider everyone "on time" -- even though I am looking at the assignments five-days after they were due. My reason for doing this is to help students who didn't have a chance to submit on the due date by building in a little extra time. (I know we're all super busy.)

    If a student is absent, he/she has time to make up the assignment (if applicable) for full credit.

    Another grading situation would be notebook checks. Today, I'll be looking for sketches of 3 different "builds" and questions answered for each of those builds. They were all "due" during the past week. But, just in case students weren't able to get them finished by the due dates, I build in "slack" by checking the work a few days later. Also, I did (and do) remind all students yesterday that I'll be looking at the work today. And in this case, it's either an A or an F. Either the work is there, or it's not. And if something wasn't done, I'll gladly look at it at a later date and give credit (late).



    What do I need for this class?


    You need something to write on. Although not required, I recommend a composition or spiral notebook -- anything that has 50+ pages will work. The paper can be lined, blank, or graph. You will use it to design, plan, brainstorm, sketch, and reflect.

If at first you don't succeed, try again
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