Amazon Smile Instructions

  • From your computer:

    1. Visit and select "Theodore Judah PTO Folsom" from the list

    2. Your exisiting Amazon account will now be linked with TJ as your Amazon Smile designated charity

    3. Remember to shop through Amazon Smile homepage in order for your orders to earn money for Theodore Judah. 

    Tip: Once you have designated Theodore Judah as your Amazon Smile Charity, add the Amazon Smile homepage to your favorites so you don't forget to use it!


    From your Android:

    1. Download the Amazon app and open app

    2. Click on the menu (top left)

    3. Go to settings and it will say AmazonSmile

    4. Click "Turn on AmazonSmile"

    5. Orders placed from your Amazon App should now be linked to your Amazon Smile charity


    From your iPhone:

    There is not an official Amazon Smile app for iPhones but there is still an easy way to use Amazon Smile from your phones

    1. Visit (from your phone)

    2. Select Theodore Judah PTO Folsom as your designated charity 

    3. Next tap the "Share" icon at the bottom of the window

    4. Tap "Add to Home Screen", then tap "Add"

    5. You should now have an Amazon Smile icon on your home screen. Use this icon to place your Amazon orders from your phone (will be linked to your existing Amazon account if you have one)