•  Mather Heights - 4th/5th Grade School Supply 


    Below is a list of classroom supplies that we would appreciate being donated to our class. These items are not required, but will help us get through the year and keep us organized!  Thank you in advance for your support!!!


    It would be great to have:


    __ 1.0” inch hard, plain, white binder with clear plastic cover for inserts (please do not buy larger binders – they won’t fit in our desks!)

    __ 2 Pocket Folders for Homework

    __ Set of Dividers for Binders Five Count

    __ Personal earbuds (to use as headphones for Chromebooks)


    Desk Items: 


    __ White hi-polymer (Pentel) erasers 

    __ Sharpened Pencils Five Count

    __ Black or Blue Erasable Pens Two Count

    __ Twistable Crayola crayons AND Twistable colored pencils         

    __ 1 Yellow highlighter

    __ 2 Composition Notebooks 

    __ A pan of watercolors with brush

    __ 1 Fine Point Sharpie, Black


    Please NO, pencil boxes, white out, staplers, gel pens, scissors, fancy binders, decorative folders, etc…. anything “extra” will be sent home for home use. Place all your items in a large zip lock bag.  We are very very limited on space.  


    Other items below are nice for students to have... 

    Here's a link to the best handheld pencil sharpener.  


    Here's a link to the best brand of erasable pens.  Only black and blue only.  Please bring to school only 2 at a time.  


    Parent Help Request:  We are in need of copy paper box lids.  Or, lids that are about that size.  Usually this size of box can be aquired through Costco in Rancho Cordova.  Last year, a parent was able to aquire a few at a time for students to use for their "Desk Trays".  We currently need 27 box lids.