Diplomas, Transcripts and Work Permits

  • Diplomas - The District does not keep copies of diplomas.  The graduating student may contact the high school that they graduated from to order a replacement diploma; there is a charge.  The graduating student must make the request as records are confidential and the property of the graduating adult.

    Transcripts - Transcript requests may be made through the student's past/current school.  If the student is a minor, the parent/guardian may make the request on behalf of their student at the student's current school.  If the student is of age/legal adult, the student must make the request.  Parents/guardians, spouses, siblings, etc. may not make a records/transcript request on behalf of an adult. 

    Workpermits - Work permit applications and work permits can to be obtained through your boundary area high school. The student must show picture ID and be the one making the request and facilitating the paperwork.  Work permits may not be issued to a parent/guardian on behalf of a student.