• Standard 6.4: Students analyze the geography, religion, achievements, political, economic, and social structure of the early civilizations of ancient India.

    Essential Question: How did the environment influence the emergence and decline of the Indus civilization? How did religions of Ancient India, including Hinduism and Buddhism, support individuals, rulers, and societies?

    -NOTE: the Learning Targets are being completed through Google Classroom. Please ask your student to show you their Learning Targets.

    Learning Targets:

    1. I can locate and describe the major river systems and discuss the phyiscal setting that supported the rise of civilization in India.

    2. I can describe early civilizations in India.

    3. I can idenfity and describe the Varnas in India.

    4. I can identify and define key terms in Hindu beliefs.

    5. I can sequence the life and moral teachings of Buddha.

    6. I can compare and contrast Ashoka's rule before and after he embraced Buddhism.

    7. I can discuss important aesthetic and intellictual traditions and achievements of India.

  • *In addition to the schedule, below you will find necessary readings and informational maps*

    Day    Date     Assignment

    Mon  4.18
    Tue   4.23    India set-up and geography challenge map
    Wed  4.24    geography challenge review, Physical features of India (readings)
    Thu   4.25   Realtor Project
    Fri     4.26   India Realtor Project Due

    Mon   4.29 Mohenjo Daro Activity (Readings)
    Tues  4.30 The Harappan Civilization (readings)
    Weds  5.1  Notes: Migration and settlement (LT 2 Due)
    Thurs  5.2  Early Hinduism (readings)
    Fri      5.3  Office Hours (LT 3, 4 Due)

    Mon   5.6  Hinduism Primary source analysis
    Tues  5.7  Buddhism research
    Weds 5.8  Buddhism Cartoon Project (replaces LT5)
    Thurs 5.9  Ashoka Quote analysis (Buddhism project due)
    Fri     5.10 Office Hours (LT 6 Due)

    Mon   5.13
    Tue    5.14
    Weds  5.15
    Thurs  5.16
    Fri      5.17

  • India Vocabulary

    1.  Subcontinent        14. Brahman 

    2.  Monsoons             15. Reincarnation

    3.  Migrated               16. Karma 

    4.  Language family    17. Dharma

    5.  Indigenous           18. Buddhism

    6.  Raja                    19. Meditate

    7.  Sanskrit               20. Nirvana  

    8.  Vedas                  21. Jainism 

    9.  Texts                   22. Ahimsa

    10. Oral Tradition       23. Stupas

    11. Manual                24. Pilgrims

    12. Guru                   25. Bhagavad Gita        

    13. Hinduism           




  • *In addition to the table of contents, below are templates and instructions for the various assignments*

    India Table of Contents

    Pg.  Assignment

    138 Ancient India Title Page
       139 India Unit Notebook Check (completed at the end of the unit)
    140 Table of Contents
    141 Vocabulary (25 words)
    142 Study Guide
    143 Learning Targets (7 total)

    144 Geography Challenge India: Map
    145 Geography Challenge India: Review
    146 Physical Features of India

    147-148 Mohenjo Daro
    149 The Harappan Civilization
    150 Migration and Settlement notes
    151 Early Hinduism notes