• Meet Mrs. Cagney

    I've been teaching since 1992; mostly Art, but also Math, English and History. I enjoy theater, triathlon and soccer; as well as camping, hiking, kayaking and puppies.   I love running into students and their families around town, if you see me, be sure to say hello and introduce me to your parents, especially before I get goofy and make the introduction before you do!  We are doing some amazing art this year, be sure to check out our digital gallery at artsonia.com!  I believe art incorporates creativity, curiosity, writing, communication, math, science, history, engineering and technology; so, be ready for all kinds of learning in class!  It is going to be fun!

    Student drawing of Mrs. Cagney. 

    Thanks, Lynn, you even got my Toms!!!                                                                                                      







    Advisory:  Students can read, draw, study for tests and quizzes, compete in fun challenges, and have a great place to start off their day!

    6th Grade Art:
    Elements and Principles of Art

    7 & 8th Grade Art:
    Looking at famous art through art history and creating artwork inspired by those artists.
    Art Notebooks: 
    Students will be keeping an Art Notebook with the information given in class.  These notebooks will help students understand the process of making and why artists use different techniques to achieve specific results.
    All classes will be doing journals!  Students will be looking at famous art pieces and writing about those pieces every day in art class!  In their writing, students will note their observations; speculate as to what they think is the motivation of the artist, what country or culture the art comes from; describe the mood of the piece and use vocabulary that they hear in class throughout the trimester.