• If you want extra credit, due Friday 2/28/20. Make a presentation, and share it with Mr. Cassidy kcassidy@fcusd.org ... if the slide show is not turned in or unable to be found on Friday in class, you will not receive credit. You only receive credit if you do a good job on the project. If it looks like you rushed and didn't really try hard to make a good presentation, then no points are awarded. This is worth as many test points as it takes to move you to the next threshhold; ie: a C+ becomes a B-, a B- becomes a B, a B becomes a B+. You can expect to add 1-3 percent to your current grade.


    To do this project, do some research on similar triangles. What makes them earn the term "similar?" Are all right triangles similar? Make sure you have a completely clear understanding of what that means about two triangles. 

    Then, watch the following video:


    Then, pick an object or tree, that would be too tall to measure with a tape measure or ladder. Complete all three ways to calculate the object's height. Record your data and measurements, and create a presentation of the process. Include pictures to make it clear. 

    Rough outline of your slides:

    Slide 1: Introduction to your work - Title your presentation and introduce yourself

    Slide 2: Similar triangles. Give an explanation that thoroughly explains what a similar triangle is. 

    Slide 3: Explain what object you chose to measure. Include a picture!

    Slide 4: Show your numbers and explain method one. A picture can help you explain!

    Slide 5: Show your numbers and explain method two. A picture can help you explain!

    Slide 6: Show your numbers and explain method three. A picture can help you explain!

    Slide 7: Average your three answers for the height of the object or tree. Explain whether you think this is a good prediction of the height of the object.

    Slide 8: Explain any final thoughts. Explain what, if anything, you would change about your work or do better if you were trying the same project. Explain any other methods that would work well to determine the height of a tall object. 

    Be ready to present on Friday 2/28!