• Standard 6.4: Students analyze the geography, religion, achievements, political, economic, and social structure of the early civilizations of ancient Rome.

    Essential Question: How does government change? Why does conflict develop? What makes a culture unique?

    -NOTE: the Learning Targets are being completed through Google Classroom. Please ask your student to show you their Learning Targets.

    Learning Targets:

    1. I can explain how Italy's geography and geographic location allowed people and goods to easily travel to and from the region.

    2. I can explain how conflict was resolved between Patricians and Plebeians.

    3. I can trace the evolution of Rome from a republic to an empire.

    4. I can determine the impact of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar.

    5. I can identify what life was like in Rome for the differing social classes.

    6. I can summarize the lif of Jesus and basic Christian beliefs.

    7. I can explain why Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire.

    8. I can identify and evaluate Rome's contributions to our society today.

  • *In addition to the schedule, below you will find necessary readings and informational maps*

    Day    Date     Assignment

    Mon  2.18.19   
    Tue   2.19.19   
    Wed  2.20.19 Rome Map and Review
    Thu  2.21.19 Notes: Foundations of Rome
    Fri    2.22.19   QUIZ (pgs. 322-326)

    Mon  2.25 Roman Republic Circle map (readings)
    Tues 2.26 Roman Government
    Weds 2.27 QUIZ (pgs. 326-334)
    Thurs 2.28 Rome video
    Fri    3.1 Empire map 'Office hours' (time to check in on grades and learning targets).

    Mon   3.4 Republic to Empire notes (readings)
    Tues  3.5 The End of the Republic (ch. 9.3)
    Weds 3.6 The Rule of Augustus (ch. 9.4)
    Thurs 3.7 QUIZ (pgs. 334-353)
    Fri     3.8 'Office hours'

    Mon   3.11 Daily life Venn Diagrams
    Tue    3.12 Daily life Venn Diagrams (readings)
    Weds 3.13 Dual Character sketch
    Thurs 3.14 Dual Character Sketch
    Fri      3.15 Dual Character sketch due

    Mon    3.18   Christianity Notes and Map
    Tues   3.19   Map and Teachings of Christianity
    Weds  3.20   Spread of Christianity
    Thurs  3.21   Quiz (Pgs. 398-414)
    Fri      3.22  'Office Hours'

    Mon 3.25  Quiz: Origins and Spread of Christianity
    Tues  3.26   Legacy of Rome (readings)
    Weds  3.27   Legacy of Rome
    Thurs  3.28   Office hours/finish day
    Fri      3.29    Notebook check

    Mon (A Day)  4.1  Museum Exhbit Project (day 1)
    Tue  (B Day)  4.2  Museum Exhbit Project (day 1)
    Wed (A Day)  4.3  Museum Exhibit Project (day 2)
    Thur (B Day) 4.4  Museum Exhibit Project (day 2)
    Fri    (reg. Day) 4.5 - Museum Exhibit Project (day 3)

    CAASP TESTING MAKE-UPS - Regular schedule
    Mon 4.8 Museum Exhibit project (day 4)
    Tues 4.9 Museum Exhibit project (day 5)
    Wed 4.10 Museum Exhibit project (day 6)
    Thurs 4.11 Museum Projects DUE (on display in library)
    Friday 4.12 Tour the Museum (in the library)

  • Rome Vocabulary

    1.  Republic              19. Gladiators

    2.  Legions                20. Arches

    3.  Patricians             21. Vault

    4.  Plebians               22. Mosaic

    5.  Consuls                23. Fresco (pg. 326)

    6.  Veto                     24. Satires

    7.  Praetors               25. Odes

    8.  Legislature            26. Parables

    9.  Tribune                 27. Resurrection

    10. Dictator                28. Apostles

    11. Civic Duty             29. Salvation

    12. Latifundia              30. Martyrs

    13. Triumvirate            31. Hierarchy

    14. Civil                      32. Clergy

    15. Pax Romana          33. Laity

    16. Proconsuls             34. Doctrine

    17. Aqueducts              35. Gospel

    18. Successors             36. Pope