• Us 2017 Hello and my name is Andi Agles.  I am local to the valley but came from a rural city of Wheatland.  After finishing high school I attended Yuba College where I finished my AA and two wonderful years of volleyball.  I continued my education at Humboldt State University and received my degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Teaching/Coaching.  I then decided to return to the valley and get my teaching credential from Sacramento State University. 
    Boys 21
    I met my hubby, Jason Larin (who is also a teacher, in Elk Grove) at HSU and we have two wonderful sons named Liam (10) and Malcolm (8).  They attend Folsom Hills Elementary.  I am sure your student will come home knowing a Liam/Malcolm story from time to time, they are definitely a kick in the pants (as well as pains in the pants).
    After subbing in my home town I was offered the job at Folsom Middle, where I have happily taught since January 2005.  I have enjoyed every year and look forward to the wonderful students I have and will have taught while being here. 
    I have had the pleasure of coaching both boy's and girl's volleyball and track for multiple years.  Was apart of the Natural Helpers for 8 great years and NOW have the distinction of developing the WEB Program on our Fabulous campus.  Being an active person on this campus has helped me to better get to know the different characters and personalities that our student population has to offer and I am honored to be beside them everyday. 
    Here is to many, many more wonderful years of teaching and working beside you and your own.  Thank you
                                                                          Larin Clan