• Study-read-Study Tips

    1. Drink all the water!!

    • Energising
    • boosts mood
    • keeps us alert
    • Natural head-ache preventer!

    2. Make lists

    • Lists help you visualise the tasks you need to complete
    • you get the satisfaction of checking something off

    3. Eliminate distractions

    • put your phone on airplane mode while you work.
    • if you need backgroud noise, play soothing music or set an ambiance with a site like noisli

    4. Find a note-taking system that works for you

    • experiment with different techniques until you find one that fits your needs.
    • don't worry too much about your handwriting.

    5. Third time's the charm!

    • taking notes in class is important, but not enough by itself
    • take scratch notes in class, then rewrite them when you get home.
    • revisit your notes a third time ~a week later and highlight key points.

    6. Get plenty of sleep!

    • Helps you concentrate
    • helps you make better informed decisions
    • you'll remember things better: sleep boosts memory
    • Imporoves your mood and gets you ready to face the day!
  • How to avoid Plagiarism

     1. A direct quote from a source
     2. An idea taken from a source
     3. Paraphrase from a source
     4. A summary of information from a source
     5. Pictures, charts, and graphics from a source
     6. Statistics and data from a source.

    Don't Cite:
     1. Common knowledge
     2. Your own ideas and analysis
     3. Your own experience or observation

    Do Not:
     1. Recycle a paper from a previous class
     2. Download a paper from the internet
     3. Use a paper from a friend
     4. Pay someone to write a paper for you.

    When in doubt: ASK!

  • How to do Well in School

    • when you get the assignment, do it right away.
    • study a little every night - Don't Cram! (short, consistent study periods)
    • If you don't understand something, ask for help from a friend or your teacher
    • Teach someone else about the topic - that's the best way to know if you mastered it.
    • Give yourself mental breaks
    • Make to-do lists and prioritize them.
    • find what motivates you
    • friends are important, but learn what's a good mix with school
    • It's okay to stay in on the weekend and do homework.
  • How to Become an A student!


    • It's almost self-explanatory: HIT THE BOOKS!
    • Study for brief periods (10-15 minutes) per subject daily
    • Make notes - only summarize key points
    • On weekends, you should make weekly summaries
      • keep a notebook just for these summaries
    • Make sure to take breaks and reward yourself for achieving goals.

    Good Attitude

    • Stop hating your teachers. Once you hate the teacher, you can never do well in the subject.
    • You're not going to school for friends, you're going there to learn.
      • Don't let people distract you from reaching your goals.
    • Set goals. If you aim for A's, then there's no way you're going to fail.
      • Study hard and you'll eventually get there.
    • don't just study for test and exams.
      • Study because you want to learn, because your education is important.


    • Being organised is a trait associated with top students. So get your things together.
    • Before you study, prepare goals for that study session
    • Have folders for each subject or a binder with dividers
    • Write down dates of quizzes, tests, and exams
    • do your homework! It's honestly made to help you so you can understand the chapter/topic you are studying.