• Essential Question:

    How do religions develop? What are the characteristics of a leader?

    Learning Targets:

    1. I can explain the role of religion in every day life. 

    2. I can identify leaders and key historical figures and analyze the role of kings in ancient Israel.

    3. I can explain the causes and consequences of the movements of the Hebrew people 

    4. I can explain what life was like for Jews during Roman rule.

    5. I can make the connection between historical events and religious holidays.

  • *In addition to the schedule, below you will find necessary readings and informational maps*

    Mon 11/11 No School: Veterans Day
    Tues 11/12 Egypt Unit Test
    Weds 11/13 Egypt Notebook Check 
    Thurs 11/14 Israelites Map and review
    Fri 11/15 Jewish Teachings

    Mon 11/18  finish Jewish Teachings
    Tues 11/19  Journeys of Canaan
    Weds 11/20  Notable Jewish Figures (readings)
    Thurs 11/21  Jewish figures character sketch
    Fri 11/22  Jewish figures Character sketch due

    Mon 12/2 Jewish exiles map and review 
    Tues 12/3 LT3 Due
    Weds 12/4 4 Groups of Jews
    Thurs 12/5 Jews Revolt against Rome notes     LT4 due
    Fri 12/6 Begin Holy books notes

    Mon 12/9 Finish Holidays and Traditions notes
    Tues 12/10 Timeline captions (rough draft)
    Weds 12/11 Timeline
    Thurs 12/12 Timeline
    Fri 12/13 Timeline due

    Mon 12/16  Office Hours
    Tues 12/17  Israelites Unit Test
    Weds 12/18  Israelites notebook check
    Thurs 12/19  Video
    Fri 12/20  Video
  • Israelites Vocabulary (Ch. 5, pgs 111-154)

    1. Culture    
    2. Prophets    
    3. Monotheism    
    4. Tribes    
    5. Locusts    
    6. Commandments    
    7. Exodus    
    8. Covenant    
    9. Torah    
    10. Psalms    
    11. Proverbs    
    12. Exile    
    13. Synagogues    
    14. Sabbath    
    15. Scrolls    
    16. Kosher    
    17. Diaspora    
    18. Devotion    
    19. Rabbis