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    We listened to you. And we’re taking action.
    In the spring of 2018, Folsom Cordova held a series of forums for families, students, staff, community members, first responders and safety experts to come together and brainstorm improvements to school safety.

    The result of that collaboration is a comprehensive plan that provides a roadmap for short-term and long-term actions that will bolster school safety.

    Additional Information: Safety Action Plan
    Click here to read our Safety Action Plan.
    Click here to see common feedback gathered at our spring community safety forums.

    Highlights from Action Steps Taken to Date:

    Active Shooter Drills and Emergency Protocols Checklist:
    On Aug. 28, in partnership with the Folsom Police Department, the District held its first active shooter drill for students and staff at Folsom High School using our new emergency procedures checklist. The activity included pre- and post-drill communication to staff and families, and was designed to provide FCUSD and our partners in law enforcement important insights as we roll out drills across the district. Watch the video below to see snapshots from the Folsom High drill.


    Districtwide Threat Assessment Training

    On Sept. 27-28, more than 100 teachers, administrators, mental health professionals, counselors, school staff and law enforcement officers participated in a two-day training to establish District and school site Threat Assessment Teams. These teams will meet regularly to coordinate tracking and services for students exhibiting risk behaviors or other warning signs. The best practices outlined in the training are recommended by the Salem-Keizer System.