Current Tournament Winners

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Winners

    1st Chris Wong (Not King of Games)

    2nd Zach Ostenburger (cause he bad at card games)

    3rd Luis Lee (3rd rank duelist w/ 4th rank deck)

    Magic The Gathering Winners

    1st Matteo Maneri

    2nd Hyrum Hendrickson 

    3rd Idk

    Pokemon Winners (pokemon is a dead game)

    1st Aden Poggenpohl

    2nd Tyler wills 

    3rd Ina Habin



    Chris Wong - Yu-Gi-Oh 3 time Champion

    Skyler Yee - Magic The Gathering tournament winner

    Maximus Tran - Most Disorganized Club President 2018-2019

    Matteo Maneri - Mtg tournament winner almost every time

    Sean Soliven - Actually managed to beat Matteo at magic 

    Hyrum Hendrickson - Best attendence

    Tyler Fiori & Angela Zhou - worst attendence