• Essential Question: How do people adapt to their environment?


    Learning Targets:

    LT#1: I can classify how scientists traced the prehistory of human development. 

    LT#2: I can describe how humans migrated to populate the world. 

    LT#3: I can draw conclusions about why the Agricultural Revolution was a revolution. 

    LT#4: I can identify the advancements of the Paleolithic era that allowed for survival during the ice ages and the transition to the Neolithic era. 

  • *In addition to the schedule below, you will find necessary readings and informational maps*

    Hominins Schedule

    Mon  9/2  Labor Day          NO SCHOOL
    Tues  9/3  Early Man Geography Challenge (map)
    Weds  9/4   Early Man Map Review
    Thurs  9/5   Hominins Matrix (readings)
    Fri  9/6   Complete Hominins matrix 

    Mon  9/9  Hominins Character Sketch (instructions)
    Tues  9/10   Character Sketch due (rubric)
    Weds  9/11   Migration map and questions (website)
    Thurs  9/12   Migration tree map,
     Paleolithic Foragers (video)
    Fri  9/13   'Office Hours'  LT 2 Due

    Mon  9/16  Agricultural Revolution Notes
    Tues  9/17   Agricultural Revolution Cartoon
    Weds  9/18    Agricultural Revolution Cartoon 
    Thurs  9/19   Office hours LT3 Due
    Fri  9/20  Unit Test



  • Hominins Vocabulary

    1. Hominins
    2. fossils
    3. Bipedal
    4. Genus
    5. Transformation

    6. Paleolithic
    7. Nomads
    8. Ice ages

    9. Domesticate
    10. Neolithic Age
    11. Agriculture
    12. Economic
    13. Shrines
    14. Specialization
    15. Bronze Age
    16. Monarchy

  • *In addition to the Table of Contents, below are templates and instructions for the various assignments that belong in the notebook*

    Hominins Table of Contents

    Pg.        Assignment

    16.  Early Man (title page)
    17.  Table of Contents 
    18.   Study Guide
    19.   Vocabulary 
    20.   Early Hominins Geography Challenge (map)
    21.   Early Hominins Geography Challenge Review 
    22.   Hominid's Matrix
    23.  Migration map and questions  
    24.  Notes: Migration of Early People 
    25.  Paleolithic forager video notes
    26.  Notes: Agricultural Revolution