• "Studying for Quiz Bowl" Presentation

    High School Quiz Bowl Packets - Quiz Bowl Questions and Packets

    Protobowl - Run and Answer Quiz Bowl Questions without a moderator

    QuizDB - Search up questions based on key words or generate random questions

    QBBuzzer (the best) and Buzzin.live - Online buzzers

    NAQT Website and NorCal Quiz Bowl


    How to use Protobowl:

    1. Go to protobowl.com/

    2. Make a random new room (shown below) or a custom room (e.g. "vistaquizbowl2"). Friends are able to join by going to protobowl.com/roomname (example: protobowl.com/vistaquizbowl2).


    3. Change the difficulty on the right side to "HS" to ensure you don't get easy middle school questions or hard college level ones. Other settings like nickname, speed of text, teams, and buzzing rules can be set here.