• Vocabulary Lessons 1-5

    vocab lessons 6-10


    *Abbreviation Key: CW (class work), HW (homework), SS (Study Sync)

    *Unless otherwise specified, listed homework (HW) is due the following day.




    **Please note: This website is updated at the beginning of the week. We sometimes get a day behind or a day ahead. Current, updated work is listed daily on the whiteboard.

    **New Policy: I will continue to accept late work for 50% credit, but it must come in within two weeks of the due date. I do not take late work the last week of the trimester.

    Week of Nov 18:


    CW: Review phrases (p. 115-116), think q's 1-3 (orally)p. 8, focus q's 2,3,5 (orally) p. 9

    HW: study for vocab mid-term 12/6


    CW: grammar pop quiz, think q's 1-3 p. 8

    HW: see Monday



    CW: grammar pop quiz, focus q's 2,3,5 p. 9

    HW: see Monday



    CW: grammar pop quiz, prompt p. 9

    HW: see Monday



    CW: finish prompt and hand in

    HW: Have a great break!


    *iReady and Read Theory lessons always available online