Policies & Procedures

  • Welcome to the 2022-2023 Carl Sundahl Montessori Primary Class!

    My name is Terra Anderson.  I go by Ms.Terra.  I have a bachelor’s (B.S.) degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and a Master’s (M.Ed) degree in Montessori Integrative Learning from Endicott College.  I completed the rigorous Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) Primary 3-6 training in St. Louis in 2012 and I am a passionate Montessorian.  In my spare time, I like to hang out with my family (I have 5 sons, and 3 grandchildren with one on the way!).  We love the outdoors and enjoy hiking the trails in the area (two of my sons have summited Mount Shasta).  Over the years, I have worked in several Montessori 3-6/Kindergarten classrooms; this will be my 7th year as the Montessori teacher at Carl Sundahl.  I am excited to serve as a guide to your child’s growth and learning this year.  

    I have a new assistant this year! Her name is Garima Srivastrava and she lives in Folsom with her husband and two children.  Her daughter just graduated from UCLA and her son will be a senior in Folsom this year. She has worked as a preschool aide for several years at FCUSD and even subbed for Ms. Eshani (my previous aide) over the years.  She loves children this age and is very warm and loving.  I feel fortunate to have someone who is passionate about this age group working along side of me.

    It’s going to be a wonderful and busy year!  In addition to the information you have received from the office, this page covers information you will need for the year, so please read it carefully and refer back to it as needed throughout the year.

    Classroom Etiquette & Procedures

    Developing the child’s sense of independence and confidence begins at the door to the classroom.  Please say your cheerful goodbyes after you have checked to make sure they have everything they need (snack, lunch, water bottle, tote bag or backpack) and send them into the classroom. Adjusting to a new routine and schedule is challenging for children of this age, but every year, the children in my class adjust beautifully to their new school schedule. Your confidence in them as they head to the classroom each morning is essential to their success. 

    We have a new bell schedule this year!  Class begins promptly at 8:15 am.  The gate next to the Student Care building is the gate our class will enter through.  It will open at 8:00 daily. Children can play on the play structure before coming to class when the first bell rings @ 8:12, AS LONG AS a parent is with them.  Please do not leave them even if other parents and kids are there because there will be no supervision then.  Preschool parents must sign their child in and out every day, so please allow time for that.  This year we will be utilizing an online sign in app called Transparent Classroom, but until the online system is set up, parents will sign in/out with a hardcopy outside the classroom.  The online information will be given to parents once it is set up. 

    Our classroom door will open at 8:12. Due to safety reasons and school policy, we will shut the classroom door at 8:15 am.  However, during the settling in period (about a week), there will be a grace period for children to say goodbye to parent(s) and go into the classroom. Please be on time so your child does not miss any important lessons, announcements and/or instructions. It makes it difficult for everyone when children come in late to school and disrupt the flow of the beginning of our day. Please try your best to be on time. However, there will be occasions when you are late.  When this happens, please stop by the office for a tardy slip before walking your child to class. 

    Important note:  Dismissal for preschoolers/TKs every day is at 12:00; for Kindergarteners it’s 2:00. On minimum days dismissal is the same for preschoolers/TKs at 12:00; for kindergarteners, it's 1:30. On super minimum days, dismissal is at 11:48 for everyone

    If you need to communicate with us during school hours, please call the office at (916) 294-2425 and leave a message with the office staff. Emails are also welcome! Feel free to send an email to Ms. Terra at tanderson@fcusd.org at any time.  Emails are checked daily during school hours (8am-3pm, M-F, except holidays).

     Children are asked to bring to school:

    1. A reusable plastic water bottle labeled clearly with their name to keep in class for the week.  Please take home daily to wash and refill.
    2. A lunch box and reusable containers for snacks and lunch (K only), labeled.  
    3. A square cloth napkin (labeled) for use during snack and lunch. We practice eating etiquette and preparing for a meal with the napkins. They also get a lesson on folding napkins.  
    4. Indoor-Outdoor Slippers (optional). These will be used during class time so please do not send any with commercial images or anything that may be distractive to our learning environment.  The simpler the better, but please make sure they have rubber soles so they can be worn outside in case of fire/emergency drills.  Your child should be able to “take off and put on” shoes/slippers without much help if you will be sending them in.  Children do love to take their shoes off after recess and it's nice to be able to do that with slippers to change into.  If your child likes to walk around barefoot indoors, you might consider getting a pair.  
    5. Extra set of clothing Shirt, bottoms, socks, underwear (please put in zip lock bag and label with your child's name).
    6. A backpack (non-commercial) for Kindergarten; for TK/4 year olds/3 year olds: an undecorated white/tan tote bag (approx 13"x13") has been already purchased for your child.  The cost is $7,50 per bag.  Please label it with a Sharpie.  We will decorate them the first week of school. 
    7. Class supplies. In a Montessori classroom, supplies are shared by the entire community. Please pick up and send with your child (sometime during the first couple weeks of school) the items listed on my teacher page under Class Supply List.  All class supplies are considered a donation and are greatly appreciated.

    Person of the Day (POD)

    When your child is the Person of the Day (POD), s/he brings a healthy snack to share with the class and a favorite toy, object, or experience to talk about. We ask that educational toys be brought to share and that s/he limit the “share” to only one object.  We have POD days on Tuesdays and Thursdays only and we do it alphabetically by first name. Students will have 3-4 opportunities to be the POD throughout the year and they usually get really excited about it. Starting soon, a monthly newsletter/calendar will be posted on my teacher website, which will include the POD assignments and other information pertaining to that month (i.e., topics for the month).  We will also send home a reminder the week before your child is the POD.


    If you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday with us, please let us know.  We will send home birthday guidelines a week before and you can let us know if you'd like to join us. If you prefer that we not celebrate your child's birthday, please make sure to let us know. We have a very special celebration called “A Walk Around the Sun” and you are welcome to come and share this time with your child and the class. If you have any cultural items, stories, dances, or traditions, this is a good time to share them. We usually conduct the celebration from 11:45-12:05 on the child’s birthday, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday/break, then we will give you a choice of days when we can celebrate your child’s special day.  If your child’s birthday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, they are automatically our POD for the day. If your child shares a birthday with someone else and it falls on a school day, we will celebrate both on a day of your choosing, on or around the birthday.

    Sickness and/or Injuries

    If your child has been ill or has been injured (i.e., Covid-19, strep throat, broken a bone, etc.) and needs medication or special care while at school, it is very important that this be communicated to us via email or, for injuries, at the door when dropping him/her off.

     Lunch and Snack

    The Kindergarteners will eat lunch inside the multipurpose room, or outside, depending on the weather. Every child may have a free hot lunch on a daily basis. Please have your child tell me when they come to class whether they will be having a school lunch or a lunch from home. The daily menu choices are posted on the Carl Sundahl site. For snack, we eat as a group outside on the tables mid morning.  Please make sure your child has had a good breakfast before school and only send them with one or two healthy snacks to enjoy (no junk food please).  If junk food (cookies, candy, chips, etc) is sent, we will send it home in your child’s lunch box/snack bag at the end of the day. Sugar intake should be a minimal part of your child’s daily nutrition as it affects the way s/he learns and behaves at school.  Protein, on the other hand, is especially important while your child’s brain is developing and aids in concentration.  Also, any healthy food that is not eaten will be sent home so that you may gauge how much they are eating every day. We also request that reusable containers be used whenever possible.  We are trying hard to minimize the trash generated in our class.  Please label your child’s lunch box, containers, and napkins (cloth) with their name.

     Field trips 

    We have planned approximately __2__ off-campus field trips during the year.  Notices will be sent out in advance and as soon as the days of the field trips are scheduled, they will be posted on our website.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer as a chaperone as needed. 

     Parent Communication

    Important notices will be placed in your child’s Wednesday Dolphin folder, so please check your child’s backpack or tote bag on Wednesdays and return it by Friday.  We also put completed work in Wednesday folders, which is a good opportunity to see some of the work your child has done for the week. Important messages will be sent by the teacher via email or the room parent(s).  Please make sure we have your most used email address on file and check regularly for notices.

    If you ever need to get in touch with me about any questions or concerns you have, please feel free to email me anytime at tanderson@fcusd.org or call the school.  My extension is 220203.  I check my messages regularly.

    Parent Participation

    The Montessori prepared environment is the key to a successful Montessori program.  It takes a great amount of time and effort to prepare the environment and keep it running smoothly.  Your help will be greatly appreciated in this area. We have included a list and a description of parent jobs that will help our classroom community.  Please read the job descriptions and sign up for the parent job that best suits your skills and schedule.

    *If you plan to participate on any field trips or assist in the classroom during school hours, you MUST be Live Scanned, and TB tested.  The office has the paperwork for this procedure.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    (* Jobs that require Live Scan and TB test)

    Room Parent Team- The following positions will make up our room-parent team.  These individuals will work together to ensure our year runs smoothly.  We will have a room-parent team-meeting as soon as the team is established.

    • *Special Events Coordinator “Room Parent”- Organizes parent participation for our class as well as assists the teachers in organizing special events such as holiday/cultural events throughout the year.  This position requires a few hours each month preparing parent participation schedules as events come up, and it requires availability during the school day to assist with special events.
    • Communications - Posts classroom news, reminders, pictures and sign up sheets to the class’s Facebook group page. This is an integral part of communication between school and parents and should take no more than an hour a week.
    • *Class photographer - Takes pictures and is available for special events.  Sends pictures to the communications person to upload on class’s media sites, to Nicola Mayo for our school's website, and to Ms. Terra for the yearbook.
    • *Class events helper Throughout the year for our class events, we will need parent assistance. The event coordinator (Room Parent) will organize these volunteers.
    • *Field trip Chaperone Details will be shared after field trips have been scheduled.

    Practical Life Contributions

    A very important part of an authentic Montessori environment is to have an array of Practical Life work for children to choose from each day.  In order to provide this, we ask for each family to donate supplies (such as, a bouquet of flowers; 20-24 apples, oranges, or lemons; coffee beans or spices to grind; homemade play dough, etc) when it’s the designated family’s turn.  The assignment correlates with your child's POD assignment, which means there will be 3-4 times your family will be asked to contribute in this way.  We will put each family’s assignment on the classroom calendar every month. With 20-24 students, if every family contributes,  each family should be asked to contribute no more than 3-4 times a school year (except for families with more than one child in the class, which would be more times). Again, the supplies listed are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family to fully participate in our academic program. However, donations/contributions for supplies we will use this year, help stretch PTA monies that can be used on new or replacement Montessori materials and will serve our Montessori class this year and in years to come. If your family cannot financially contribute in this or any other way, please send me a private message at tanderson@fcusd.org

    The following are items we ask for:

    Flowers – Large bouquet of flowers (a nice variety) once a week (please bring on Mondays).  The best variety and least expensive option are at Trader Joes. The children cut to size and arrange flowers in small vases to place throughout the classroom as a Practical Life job.  They love doing this work.

    Fruits and Vegetables - This is seasonal work. In the fall, we peel, core and slice apples. We also grind coffee and spices. In the winter, we squeeze oranges. In the spring, we squeeze lemons. In the summer, we slice vegetables. The children love this work too. We will ask for a bag of whole coffee beans, or whole cloves or nutmeg, or a bag of oranges/apples depending on the season.

    Another way to help meet classroom needs, is to sign up to take care of laundry and recycling on Fridays. We will rotate this assignment as well and it will be posted on our calendar.

    Laundry & Recycling - Each Friday there is approximately one small load of laundry consisting of drying cloths, dishtowels, cloth napkins, rugs and one small recycling container filled with recyclables that need to be taken home to do.  We normally send laundry and recycling home with parents of our Persons of the Day for the week (2 students a week).  For example, if your child was the POD on either Tuesday or Thursday, we would ask you to take either the laundry or the recycling home to do on Friday. The clean unfolded laundry and empty recycling container need to be returned to school the following Monday.  

    Montessori Education Night

    Throughout the school year, ideally once a month, I will be hosting a Montessori education night in the classroom.  This is an opportunity for parents to learn more about Montessori education and to build a close community.  Parents enjoy getting to know other Montessori parents.  Please watch for dates and times on our website and other means of communication.

    Thank You

    Thank you for entrusting us with your children.  It is an honor to be part of your children’s lives.  We feel privileged to be able to work in a Montessori classroom and are aware of the great responsibility we have to work as partners with parents in teaching and nurturing the children in our care.  Our goal is to help them reach their greatest individual potential.