• i-Ready Score Information

    Students can log into i-Ready to see their scores for the i-Ready testing completed in class. i-Ready testing is done at the begining of the year and again after winter break.  These i-Ready test scores are not calculated in any way into trimester grades for students. Students will need to follow these instructions to locate their scores:

    1) Log into Clever with Google using their school username and password (be sure to use the @student.fcusd.org) and click on the i-Ready.

    2) Select Reading.

    3) On the bottom of the page is a link with an arrow that is labeled My Progress. Click on this link.

    4) Underneath the progress data is a link that says Completed Work. The link is just above the My Progress button. Click on this link. Any work the student has completed on i-Ready will show up here. Look for the items labeled Diagnostic. The scores will be 3 digits.  

    5) The diagnostic score is the overall scale score for testing. Click on Scale Scores to see grade placement for the score they received. The numbers and placement vary from grade to grade. It is important to note that the first number in a scale score does not equate to a grade level. 

    6) For additional information about i-Ready, see the Parent Guide.

    7) 6th Grade i-Ready Score Scale:

    Level K: 0-418

    Level 1: 419-473

    Level 2: 474-495

    Level 3: 496-541

    Level 4: 542-565

    Level 5: 566-597

    Level 6: 598-653

    Level 7: 654-669

    Level 8: 670-684

    Level 9: 685-800