• Behavior Policy

    Posted by Jana Schmitt on 7/30/2019

    Behavior choices in class directly affect learning for all.  We will focus and learn about behaviors that encourage good focus, communication, and cooperation.

    Positive behaviors will be rewarded to your child in the form of a "brag tag" which they will keep in their own "Brag Tag" book. This book will be shared with parents at the end of each trimester.

    If a student is making a poor choice of behavior, I will take the following actions. I only follow the steps in accoradance with the student's behavior choices.

    1. a gentle warning will be given

    2. a discussion between me and the child will occur 

    3. The student will complete a Think Sheet and take it home. I will contact the teacher by email, letter, phone, or in person to alert them about this paper.  It is a good chance to discuss behavior choices.

    4. The student may be sent to another classroom to refocus for a while (parent notification will be given)

    5. The student may be sent to speak to the Principal about their behavior choices.


    The vast majority of the time, students just need a reminder to get back on track so I very rarely would need to go to Steps 4 or 5.  Parents will be notified in email, letter home, call home, or in person.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me directly.  Thank you!


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