• Hello, this is the page for Mrs. Bachert's 8th grade Science classes.


    Please check my main page and this page for answers first. If you don't see it here and don't have it in your Jagenda, then please ask me!

    The best way to ask me quick urgent questions is through the class remind. If you have a longer question please send me an email. If you send emails after school hours be aware I will not see it until the following school day. 

    **Note I was at a conference Thurs to Sunday so email responses will be delayed this week**



    Please see below for assignments.


    This week:

    Mon-Chemical Equations

    Tues-Reaction types

    Wed-Mole Day Ole!

    Thurs-Practice Balancing

    Fri-Practice Balancing

    Upcoming Due Dates:


    Tues 10-22 Where's the Evidence Lab Due (formal write up)