Folsom Hills PTA Mission

  • Our Mission is to ensure that all members are well informed on educational matters and to recognize that we (parents, teachers and community members) can work together to make a difference for all children.

    PTA Goals and Objectives


    GOAL I: Enhance the involvement of parents and staff in the mission of the PTA.

    Objective 1. Increase direct communication with volunteers and poll them to discover talents and experience so that PTA can make effective use of its volunteer resources.

    Objective 2. Continue to educate and inform parents and staff about local and national issues affecting children.

    Objective 3. Provide opportunities for parents, staff and children to provide service to the community.

    Objective 4. 90% PTA membership of previous year.


    GOAL II: Utilize the PTA's financial and human resources to support and/or enrich the grade level curriculum and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

    Objective 1. Continue to encourage and work with staff to identify and implement programs, activities or events that will enrich and/or support the curriculum using available PTA funds.

    Objective 2. Provide staff with adequate and effective volunteer resources to help them meet the children's educational goals.


    GOAL III: Ensure that PTA operations are effective and efficient and comply with state and national standards and guidelines.

    Objective 1. Judiciously balance fundraising activities with spending opportunities. Ensure that money raised today benefits today’s children. Actively work to keep spending reserves at proper levels without compromising future budgets.

    Objective 2. Review and revise the newly adopted PTA Bylaws.

    Objective 3. Streamline committees to increase communication and continuity of the events and services those committees provide.


    GOAL IV: Increase sense of community among all Folsom Hills parents.

    Objective 1. Provide additional opportunities for parents to connect by increasing the number of school-wide events.

    Objective 2. Increase attendance and participation at PTA meetings.


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