• Tip #1 Check on your student's grades -- before it's too late.


    Need your son or daughter's student id? Ask the office for it!

    Want to know about their behavior in class? It's in their grades -- updated ever two-weeks. If it's an F, click on the grade to see the details of what exactly they are doing to earn that grade -- and have a conversation IMMEDIATELY about your expectation that they change their behavior.



    Tip #2 Know how grades "work"

    Did you know? If you do all the class work and homework, it is mathematically impossible to fail a math class at Mills – even if you fail each of the tests.

    Grading categories

     15% Class work & Homework

     75% Tests*

     10% Final Exam (Cumulative)*

      * lowest test score is a 50% (soft-F)

      15% + 75%* + 5%* = 65% (D)



    Tip #3 Know "how" to approach a math problem and where to get help

    The only way to do a math problems:

    Do a problem. Check the Answer