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      Hi! My name is Ms. Endean. I love learning. When I was younger, especially during middle school, I wish my teachers would have helped me to see that exploring, being curious, using your brain, challenging yourself, and exposing yourself to new ideas, perspectives, and cultures can be fun. Looking back, I wish someone would have helped me to see – much earlier in my life – how satisfying and personally rewarding it can be to struggle, persevere, and overcome when learning something new.
      My Vision for Instruction: Guided tasks using Interactive Notebooks. Incorporate multiple learning styles. Multiple opportunities to touch the learning target.
      My Vision for Assessment: Meaningful, based on practiced learning targets. Room to show thinking. Immediate feedback. Starting point for a conversation that provides reflection and continued learning. No curving.
      My Vision for Intervention: Students and parents know where to "go" to get help. Targeted weekly re-teaching (whole class or small-group). Listen, support, and encourage.