• Welcome to the  FMS Social Science Department

    Folsom Middle School Mission: 

    At Folsom Middle School, we provide a safe environment where all students are able to learn and grow and are empowered to make responsible life choices. 

    Folsom Middle School Vision: 

    Students, staff, and families work collaboratively to prepare students to be academically, socially, and emotionally capable. Students will develop appropriate coping skills and be able to communicate, be creative, think critically, and work individually and as a team to be prepared for future success. 


    Students will have a blast this year in history.  The following areas will be taught:

    • ancient history and geography in grade 6
      • Semester 1- Early Man, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kush, Israel, 
      • Semester 2- Greece,  Rome, India, China
    • medieval history and geography in grade 7
      • Semester 1- Fall of Rome and Christianity,  Medieval Europe, Islam, India and the Middle Ages Imperial China, Korea and Japan,  Central and South America
      • Semester 2-  African Civilizations,  Central and South America, African Civilizations, World Religions, New Ideas, Age of exploration and trade
    • United States history from 1607- 1914 in grade 8
      • Trimester 1- Geography, Colonies, American Revolution, Constitution and Bill of Rights Establishing a Nation(1789-1845)
      • Semester 2-  Westward Expansion, Reform, Causes of Sectionalism, Civil War, Reconstruction, Homesteading and the West, Politics, Industry and Reform

    Students will be completing maps, timelines, analyzing primary sources, researching, making presentations etc. in class.

    If there is a concern regarding a state standard or issue in class, please contact the teacher first. The CA content standards, framework and c-3 framework are listed below for reference.

    CA content standards

    CA history framework

    c-3 framework- career readiness


    Wish list: disenfectant wipes, white copy paper, kleenex * the department agreed on these items but some teachers have additional requests.