Student Government 2023 - 2024




     2020 -2021

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    2023 - 2024 Student Government


    ASB Officers 

     ASB President -  Morgan Spoto

    ASB Vice President -  Tim ten Brink

    ASB Secretary -  Ayah Haleen

    ASB Treasurer - JT Remolona

    ASB Spirit Rep -  Chloe Kocina

    ASB Pubsie Lead -  Robert Demers

    Sr Pubsie - Zach Cassel

    Jr Pubsie - Emily Whitworth

    Soph Pubsie - Bella Hall

    Frosh - Will Barbin

    ASB Student Body Coordinatior -  Naomi Carassus

    Chief of Staff -  Aleena Saji

    ASB Student Body Coordinator - Kaelie Nguyen

    Wellness Commissioner - Yulia Poteriakhuba

    Asst. Chief/Dungeon Master - Emily Olive 

    ASB Chief of Publicity -  Haley DeKreek

    Assistant Publicity - Ava Peyrucain

    Activities Commissioner - Braelyn Suit

    Clubs Director - Maddie Dosher

    Bleed Blue Commissioner -  Camryn Baez

    Bleed Blue Commissioner -  Dominic Rostami

    Bleed Blue Commissioner-  Delia Esola

    Bleed Blue Commissioner -  Madeline Elmhurst

    PRC -  Donovan Duncan

    PRC -  Hannah Fernandez

    PRC -  Sarah Galovan

    PRC -  Isaac Lee

    PRC -  Max Vota

    Construction -  Tyler Lawrence

    Construction -  Taylor Allen


     Class Presidents

    Senior Class President -  Abby Barbin

    Junior Class President-  Meilani Soliven

    Sophomore Class President -  Gavyn Frey

    Freshmen Class President -  James Moore