Career Technical Education Summer Preceptorship Program (CTESPP)

    We are excited to offer the CTE Summer Preceptorship Program during four-weeks in June 2022!

    The goal of the CTESPP is to provide 11th grade CTE students with a work-based learning experience matching their personal and professional aspirations. The program introduces students to a profession in their field of interest in a work environment, and enhances their ability to make an informed career choice and college program selection.

    The CTESPP offers a unique work-based learning experience in the form of a four-week long hybrid course of study that includes a combination of classroom and on-the-job learning experiences. The course includes: in-class instruction every Monday, a preceptorship and a research project culminating into a TED Talk format. Students will earn five high school credits for successful completion of the course. The four-week program will be held during the month of June.

    The o-line student application will be posted on this website in mid-December with a January due date.

    Please check back for updates.