This course provides an accelerated, intensive intervention pathway that supports the needs of students whose academic performance, including proficiency in English language arts and literacy in reading and writing, is two or more years below grade level. The materials in this program are designed for students receiving grade level instruction while providing a rich curriculum supporting the five themes: Meaning Making, Language Development, Effective Expression, Content Knowledge, and Foundational Skills. The materials are also designed to accelerate students’ successful reentry into a basic program and include clear instructional plans and tools for entering and exiting the program.  English Foundations meets high school graduation requirements as an elective.  This course does not meet a-g requirements.
    This course calls for students to engage in a range of tasks (analyze, interpret, assess, integrate and evaluate, collaborate, adapt, apply) that requires the critical thinking,  problem solving, and collaboration demanded of 21st century living and learning, with emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

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