• Youth Development

    Club Live (CL) & Friday Night Live (FNL)

    (CL- Mills, Mitchell, Sutter and Folsom Middle & FNL-Cordova High)

    These middle and high school clubs consist of enthusiastic youth, working in partnership with adults, to create powerful activities that improve the school and community. Students learn a variety of leadership skills while in a safe and engaging environment that allows them to carry out short and longer term projects. They are committed to building healthy environments that are free of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.


    Bulldogs Reaching out (BRO) 

    (Folsom High)

    This peer education club consists of high school students trained in substance abuse refusal skills, presentation delivery and tobacco, alcohol and other drugs so they can present prevention lessons to younger students throughout the district. Approximately 160 student leaders go to middle and elementary schools annually, serving as positive role models, to deliver a powerful message about making healthy choices. 


    Youth Advocacy 

    STAKE (Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement) Act Stake

    The mission of this program is to reduce the illegal sales of tobacco to minors through the enforcement of the STAKE act. Youth, ages 14-17, assist the California Department of Public Health and Inspectors from the Food & Drug Branch with compliance checks related to tobacco sales by retailers to those under the age 21. Reducing youth access to tobacco is an important facet of prevention work. 


    Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down (TUTD) Program Movie reel

    TUTD is Breathe California of Sacramento- Emigrant Trail's Youth advocacy program involving tobacco research project to eliminate the influence of tobacco content in film. The data collected from student movie reviews is posted weekly and used by university-level researchers and public health professionals. Introductory TUTD programs are offered at 3 schools and all high schools share opportunities for participation in the formal TUTD held at BCEST's office. 

    Why advocacy? Scientific studies from UC San Francisco demonstrate the exposure to smoking in movies is a significant risk factor for youth smoking initiation.


    Kaiser "Don't Buy the Lie" Poster Contest

    This is Kaiser Permanente's Sacramento county wide contest that to help counter the tobacco advertising that entices use of the product. The activity allows students to be creative in their concepts and design to counter the messaging by tobacco companies. Entries from Sacramento county students are voted in order to identify the 1st place tobacco free poster that go on to become billboard displayed in the community.