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     How to Buy a Yearbook:

    You can purchase and personalize your Folsom Hills Elementary yearbook by clicking here:



    Folsom Hills Elementary is providing yearbooks through TreeRing. TreeRing yearbooks are:

    * Custom Yearbooks:  Every student gets a one of a kind printed copy containing two free pages to customize with personal photos.

    * Green Yearbooks:  TreeRing plants a tree in our school’s name when you purchase a book and prints on recycled paper. Last year they planted 347 trees!

    * Your personalized yearbook only costs $22.50. Hard cover adds $6.95. Discounts if you purchase by: Sept 30- 10% off, Oct 31- 5% off

    * You’ll need to purchase your copy and complete your free personal pages by April 22, 2022. (After this deadline, compete your custom pages FIRST, then pay for your yearbook)

    * All books ordered before the deadline will have free shipping to the school. Any books purchased after deadline will be shipped to the students home for $7.95.



    Its Never Too Late to Buy a Yearbook!

    Folsom Hills yearbooks are always available for ordering after the school's bulk order deadline . Customize your peronal pages FISRT, then order your book and pay a $7.99 shipping fee. The book is sent directly to your home.



    How can I see if I bought my yearbook?



    How to upload photos:

    TreeRing has an iPhone app to make getting your photos into your yearbook easy. Visit your mobile app store.

    phone app

    For our Android phone users, check out these helpful tips for uploding photos fom your phone:

    Using Google Drive As A Photo Source

    Linking To Social Media To Upload Photos

    Sharing your photos with the school Yearbook Club helps make the yearbook better overall and more personal for your student. Try these easy instructions to upload and share your photos with the Folsom Hills TreeRing community.

    Sharing Photos to TreeRing


    How to Personalize Your Pages:

    Every student get a one-of-a-kind printed copy of the school yearbook containing two free pages to customize with their personal photos. Additional pages can be added for $0.99 per spread. Try out these step-by-step directions to customize your student's pages.



     Customize yearbook

    Design Tips for Parents


    Personal pages:



    Changing the background



    Uploading photos:




    Send,Receive, and Request a signature for your yearbook!

    How to video

    The Signatures feature is where you can electronically sign your friend's yearbook with a personal message. And they can sign your yearbook! It is also a great way to have your teacher sign too!

    Signatures must be added to custom pages if you want them printed in your yearbook.


    example signature





    Set to Print Ready





    Yearbook Class Volunteers

    As families and teachers take pictures thought the year, a yearbook class volunteer in each class helps families upload the parties, enrichment activities and field trip photos. Here are the deadlines for photos:

    • After Fall party
    • After Winter party
    • After Clay, Fame, and PLTW
    • After Valentine’s party
    • After field trips 

     Photography Guidelines


    Getting Help:

    TreeRing has an online Help Center or phone agents are available to assist you Monday - Friday from 6AM to 6PM Pacific Time at 877-755-TREE (8733).



    For more information, contact Kim Natusch (kimnatusch@yahoo.com).