• State Seal of Biliteracy 

    The California State Seal of Biliteracy Criteria established in legislation certifies attainment of a high level of proficiency in two or more languages.

    The English criteria includes:
    1. Completion of all English language arts requirements for graduation with an overall grade point average of 2.0 or above.
    2. For English learners not reclassified, attain the overall early advanced level on the English language development test
    The criteria for proficiency in a language other than English is one of the following:
    1. Passing a World Language Advanced Placement examination with a score of 3 or higher
    2. Passing an International Baccalaureate examination with a score of 4 or higher
    3. Successful completion of a four-year high school course of study in a world language and attaining an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above
    4. Passing a school district language exam that, at a minimum, assesses speaking, reading and writing passing at a proficient level or higher
    5. Passing the SAT II World Language examination with a score of 600 or higher


    The Seal of Biliteracy google survey was sent to all Seniors FCUSD email.  Please complete this survey by January 22, 2021. 
    Please contact Nicole Deatherage (ndeatherage@fcusd.org) or Mike Adorjan (madorjan@fcusd.org) if you have any questions.