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Sports Performance Program

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    August training sessions:

    Aug 5 - 9th will continue with our Summer session: 6:30-7:30am

    Aug 12th will begin our regular training days afterschool M/TH 3:30-4:30pm and Wed 1:45-2:45pm.

    Sports Performance Flyer 

    We have added a Sports Performance training schedule.  Located on the left side column of this page. 

    Vista students and athletes now have access to college preparatory instruction towards their athletic development with our Talon Club sponsored Sports Performance Program.  The primary goals of the program are to improve athletic performance, gain life-long knowledge in health & fitness, and provide a setting that is less intimidating for our male and female student athletes to make appropriate progress in the athletic development process.  By developing the complete athlete, each athlete will train towards earning their opportunity to reach individual and team goals and to contribute to the success of their team.    


    The Sports Performance Program at Vista is not the first school to host such a strength and conditioning program and won’t be the last.  Some local schools have similar programs and some schools across the country have adopted staff positions for strength conditioning coaches.  The Talon Club’s Sports Performance Program is more than just weight training and a regimented program.  Our goal is to have the student athletes gain improvements in strength, speed, mobility, flexibility, CNS, recovery, hand-eye, visualization, amongst other areas. 


    Why do we call it Sports Performance as opposed to Strength & Conditioning?  For the most part we believe these are synonymous, however, for teenage athletes that are still growing into their bodies and beginning strength training for the first time our emphasis is not the same as college or pro Strength & Conditioning programs.  Most of our high school athletes will not participate in collegiate athletics, but they can create the right training foundation to optimize their high school opportunity.

     Don’t the sport coaches already condition the athletes?  Sport coaches instruct on drills and techniques to prepare for competition.  Strength & Conditioning coaches will train movements.  There is a difference between practicing a drill and practicing a movement.  Training the movement and becoming more efficient in the movement will develop athletes that are stronger and faster in the execution. Most sport coaches today understand athletic development process is a specialty and they prefer to stick to specializing in their sport’s evolution and specific X’s and O’s.


    Program Logistics:

    -         How to enroll and how much does it cost?  It is easy to enroll and the cost is a modest $45/month for each participant in exchange for three 60 minute sessions per week (thats 12 sessions a month).  For your initial setup, the registration and liability waiver can be completed online at the 3rd party vendor’s website:  www.minishouseofpain.com.  You can pay your first monthly enrollment fee online during the same visit.  For returning participants, use our Square payment processing system, and save to your favorites for monthly participation payments.  No checks and cash will be accepted.  Monthly payments must be made by using our Square link so all parties can avoid any potential mishandling of funds. 

    NOTE:  Payments are due at the beginning of the Calendar month for every month your student/athlete plans to train.  You can choose and pay for mulitple months at a time.  Due to a Square programming issue, be sure to change the "quantity" to reflect the number of months you are signing up for before you check out.  

    -     Who can participate?  All Vista Students and Athletes are welcome to particpate in the program.

        What is the schedule?  Our training days will be afterschool M/TH 3:30-4:30pm and Wed 1:45-2:45pm.  The sessions are one hour long and can be booked individually or as a team.  The maximum capacity is 35 per session.  The SPP will be provided year-round, including the summer months.  Morning sessions before school will become available as demand grows with the program.


            My child desires more than off-season training. Is there more?  Available both for both in-season and off-season athletes.  The objectives will differ.  In-season athletes will focus on skill movements, flexibility, injury prevention, and technique.  Off-season athletes will focus more on the total body developmental process with strength, speed, agility, etc.  Sport specific individualized programs are included.


    -     Who is the onsite trainer/coach? Nick Troquato is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  


    -     Logistics with our 3rd party vendor: We have a contract with Mini’s House of Pain to provide trainer coach coverage for all our scheduled SPP sessions.  For more details please contact The Talon Club.