Have a Voice, Be a Voice

VDL PTSO Student Liaisons:

  • Student Liaison Description and Role


    A VDL PTSO student liaison has a very important task of keeping students (their peers) in touch and informed with VDL PTSO.  They are empowered to give constant updates about VDL PTSO events and occasions relating to PTSO and their peers.  Also, a student liaison will perform tasks assigned to them from the PTSO board.  

    Additional responsibility will be to send feedback to the board about the feelings, attitudes, and opinions of the students about actions and events made by the VDL PTSO.  This means, student liaisons will need to attend board meetings.  A student liaison creates a lifeline between PTSO and the students, which will greatly help this organization stay connected and apprised of the student body needs and desires to be successful at school and in their lives.

    If you would like to inquire about becoming a VDL PTSO Student Liaison or have additional questions, please email vdlptso@gmail.com