• Cordova High School

    Designated English-110 (Freshman)

    Course Expectations 2022-2023

    Mrs. Smith-Williams


    Room E2

    294-2450 ext 810301

    Course Description

    The English Foundations courses are structured to allow students to work toward specific content standards. Standards are presented in a modified manner appropriate to their individualized academic level.  This English class progresses at a different pace than the regular education classes allowing students to work on individual goals as stated in their Individualized Education Plans.


    The adaptive materials are designed to accelerate students’ successful reentry into a basic program and include clear instructional plans and tools for entering and exiting the program. Specialized academic instruction is employed.  While adapting as appropriate in accordance with student IEPs, the content, methodology or delivery of instruction to ensure student access to the general curriculum.


    This course will provide you with experiences that will enable you to increase your reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills. Passing this class will give you required credits toward high-school graduation


    Textbooks & Films

    Textbooks used in class will be Study Sync.  Books checked out to students may include: The Marrow Thieves, The Odyssey, The Hate U Give, Of Mice and Men and Romeo and Juliet.


    Grading Policy

    You are expected to actively participate in your own learning by completing ALL of their assignments.  Not all work is graded.  Some assignments will give you an opportunity to practice skills; others allow you to demonstrate mastery of the MYP objectives and common core standards.  Although final grades are based on summative assessments, performance on formative assessments will guide instruction in the classroom.


    Formative assessments occur after small amounts of instruction while you are making meaning of new concepts.  The feedback is nearly immediate and helps you integrate new information with previous knowledge.  Formative assessments also help teachers adjust instruction to best meet the needs of our students.  Formative assessments are powerful tools that can help improve your understanding.

                         Examples of formative assessments can be:

    Class Work, Interviews, Homework, Quick Writes, Quizzes, and Warm-Ups.


    Summative assessments occur at the end of a large chunk of instruction.  The results may take awhile to be returned.  The purpose of summative assessments is to help a teacher evaluate your mastery of learning goals.  Summative assessments may occur less frequently than formative assessments         

                            Examples of summative assessments can be:

    Chapter Exams, Performance Tasks, Essays, Presentations, and Projects.


    Assessment Criteria

    MYP assigns four (4) criteria to each subject.  You will be assessed two (2) times per semester for each criterion.  When more than one criterion is assessed in a task, there will be multiple grades (one grade for each criterion).  The criterion for this course is:

     A: Analyzing                  C: Producing Text

     B: Organizing                D: Using Language    



    MYP Criterion Rubric

    Your work will be assessed using MYP criterion-based rubrics.  Each eight-point rubric clearly explains what students need to accomplish on an assignment in order to achieve the highest quality and grade.  Each teacher will discuss the rubrics used in his or her discipline before most assignments.



     Classroom Expectations (In person)

    A portion of your community grade reflects your willingness to respect and follow school and class rules; failure to do so will result in actions including confiscation of inappropriate items, warnings, parent contact, detention, referrals, and class suspension.  Expectations for in-class behavior include

    • Be prepared, be punctual, and participate.
    • Do not come to school more than 15 minutes before class time.
    • Remove head coverings and sunglasses when entering the classroom.
    • Electronic entertainment and communication devices (iPods, cell phones, Game Boys, etc.) are to be turned off, put away, and not used during class time.
    • Show respect for yourself and others and cooperate with the teacher and your classmates.
    • Help keep the classroom clean and orderly.
    • At the end of class, wait to be dismissed by the teacher.


    Tardy Policy

    If you are not sitting in your assigned seat when the final bell rings, you are late.  If you do not have a note or pass with an acceptable excuse when entering late, your late is unexcused. Your third late will result in a call home. Subsequent late arrives will result in additional consequences.



    Regular attendance is critical for success.  When you miss class, you miss learning opportunities that cannot be replaced.  Missing an in-class activity does not excuse you from completing an assignment or taking a test related to that activity.


    Make-up Work

    You are responsible for making arrangements for make-up work following an absence. 


    Eating in Class

    Water is okay, everything else makes a mess.


    Materials Needed and Assignment Format

    You are expected to bring the following items to every class meeting:

    • any textbook(s) checked out to you and required for that class meeting (for example, the novel currently being read by the class)
    • #2 pencil, an eraser, and a non-metallic dark blue or black pen
    • standard size, white, binder paper


    The following items will be available for use as needed during class; however, you may want to have your own for use at home or in class:

    • highlighters in several colors
    • markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons
    • glue stick
    • scissors






    Unless you are given other instructions, all assignments will be typed/printed in black ink on standard size, white, binder paper; written in pencil or non-metallic dark blue or black pen on standard size, white, binder paper; or written in pencil or non-metallic dark blue or black pen on a handout.


    Make sure every assignment you turn in has a heading or label which includes your first and last names, your period, and the name of the assignment.


    Extra Help Outside of Class Time

    If you need to use a book from a class set of books, view a film you missed, make up a test, or get extra help with assignments, see me to arrange a time after school.  If you have been absent you may need to come in for extra help to catch up. 


    Parent-Teacher Contact

    Parents who want to contact me may send a note with their child, leave a note in my mailbox in the office, and leave a message for me at msmith@fcusd.org.


    Language and Literature, English Foundations 110


    I have read and understand the course expectations for ELA 9.


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