Middle School Tips

  • Tools for Parents & Students

    • Check your student's progress in PowerSchool. Each parent and student may have an account.
    Parent Access Accounts
    Click here for help accessing parent accounts. may also email the counselor for another copy.
    Student Access Accounts
    Students can access their accounts by selecting the Powerschool Parent Link. The following is used to log in:
    Username= First initial + First three letters of the last name + Last 4 numbers of student ID
    Password= Last 4 numbers of the student ID

    Tips for Parents


     If Your Student Is Struggling

    • Log into PowerSchool and teacher websites daily
    • Have your child show you the completed work each day.  Students often think they have finished or forget that they have homework.
    • Try a Homework Folder.  Once you see that homework is completed, watch your student put it in this folder.  All homework goes into this folder this way your child only has to look one place for homework to be turned in.  You can check this folder daily to make sure your student is turning in their homework.
    • Provide a daily incentive for completing and turning in homework.  Small incentives such as daily computer or phone time work sot hat if you have to withold it, it is only for one day.  Then the incentive starts over for the next day.
    • Talk with your student's teachers.  You may contact them by phone or email
    • If you have tried all of these suggestions, please feel free to contact your studen't counselor.  We are happy to assist and/or schedule a Parent/Teacher conference or Student Study Team (SST) meeting.


    Testing Information