i-Ready Information

    •  If the iReady test scores are input into the grade book, they are not calculated into the overall student score.  They are put there as an informational courtesy only.  Otherwise, students can look up and view their scores through the iReady website.  It is important to understand that the first number in the scale score does not equate to a grade level and that the ranges vary by each grade level.
      Students will be taking two to three assessments throughout the school year.  Additional practice on individual lessons will be assigned both in class and independently.
      Students can log into iReady to see their scores for the iReady testing.  Simply:
      1. Log into iReady using your school username and password (Do not forget to use the
          @student.fcusd.org portion.) or use the school's Clever login through Google.
      2. Choose "Reading"
      3. Click the link on the bottom of the page that has an arrow that is labeled "My Progress."
      4. Under "progress data" is a link "Completed Work."  Click the link. 
      5. Look for "Diagnostic."
      6. A three-digit score should be displayed.
      7. Compare the score to the Scales Scores, link below.  Make sure to look at the correct grade
      Scale Scores (This is the placement table.)
      Note: The school will be conducting the first iReady testing in August.  The Reading portion is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, the 16th and 17th, and the Math is Wednesday and Thursday, the 18th and 19th.